Have Faith and Surrender.

I listened to today's sermon online and his message was so powerful that I took notes ðŸ™.
🌟You will never be able to accomplish what God wants you to accomplish if you don't surround yourself with right people. 
🌟If fact no one has accomplished anything in substantial greatness by themselves. 
🌟The wrong relationships will create the wrong things in your life. 
🌟Who are the most dominant people right now that are speaking into you?
That's where your life is heading. 
🌟I bet there is more potential in you than you have ever realized. Right people help to navigate through obstacles and wavering faith. 
🌟When you don't have the right people in your life, you won't have the courage to do big things. 
🌟When you are in the middle of the confusion, when you feel distraught you are not the smartest person in the world. You make emotional decisions. 
You need the right people around you to give you courage.
🌟Surround yourself with excellence. When right people come together, God shows up and miracles start happening. 
🙏I took a leap of faith and then grew wings. It's time for dreams to come true.
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