Vesta Schneider
Seven Reasons to Ditch Candles
When you think of candles, how does it make you feel? Warm, inviting, cozy, relaxed? Let me tell you, I LOVE candles and always have. But, let me tell you friend, once I had learned some of these facts, I had to say NO MORE. 

Learn Why I "Ditched the Candles".

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For years I felt helpless inside my own body.

Even as I was learning how to integrate more holistic and "crunchy" habits into my life, I was still having horrible PMS symptoms and migraines.

One day, I was introduced to product that many are talking about lately. 

I tried it before and it didn't work, so I was skeptical. I'm not really into "fads".

But I was told that I need to be consistent, so I gave it another go and OMGash!!! 

Now my life is dramatically different. I used to have to put on face and pretend that I was not in pain.

Now, I am fearless! And I am on a mission to help a whole lot of people break free and empower themselves with the knowledge and resources I've worked so hard to get myself. 

Join my group of fearless mamas and learn what freedom truly means. Be in charge of your own health. I know you'll love our exclusive community.

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