Amazon Favorites
Time-Marked Water Bottle

This bottle was my go to when I was working on my weight management and needed to drink enough water each day. 
Nail Polish Remover
It is hard to find a non-toxic nail polish remover that actually works! This does such a good job that I have been ordering it over and over again. 
Spray Bottle
I have two of them and Thieves is the only cleaner that I use on my home. I kept two Thieves stickers and gifted the rest. 
Stain Remover
Works on almost every stain, does not have any fragrance/parfum, which would trigger my migraines.

               Wooden beads                                                               Organic wool balls                                                 Thermos perfect for kids lunch                                           Jewelry organizer 
They are even prettier in person and I use them as decoration all year round. 

Favorite Books
Why people cannot make or keep money

Your income can grow to the extent that you do. Everyone must study this book!
Deepest Principles of Human Nature

The big secret of dealing and understanding people.  
Understanding the Basics of our Health

All you need to know and understand preventative care. I use all the protocols and love results.

Love and be loved!

This book alone improved and strengthen my marriage, helped me understand myself, my spose and children. 

Libido is an important part of relationships

An amazing book filled with ideas and recipes. Gran these products to go along with it.