When you need help, do you ask for it or do you push through?

 You can't go far when you are tired, stressed and stuck in the cycle of sickness at home!
 Learn these 7 Steps to Your Best Life

I am a mama to these two kiddos that are trying to give each other a noogie :) also have one dog and three chickens.  
I adore my hubby and I am so thankful that he cooks for me, because I have "boiled-eggs" kitchen skills.
I love people, but I cannot people for longer than three hours. Silence is my favorite sound.
Educating and empowering women became my purpose.  If you'll hang out with me long enough, I’ll make you believe that you CAN 
 achieve anything! 
People Meet for a Reason

I look at my life ten years ago and where I am today, it is so different. Because of people that I met and positive influences, today I can say that I have arrived to the place where my heart is happy.

Because of my struggles, I am a stronger person today. I hope you will allow me to walk beside you and share what I have learned. I truly believe that there is nothing more important than our health.

There is no magic potion, no magic wand to change all in one night. But there is knowledge to be absorbed and changes to be made.

One day at a time.
One step at a time.
One product at a time.

I'd be honored to walk beside you and share what I know.

Because it is EASY. It is a one stop shop that has all the daily essentials. No more reading labels, no more going to stores or searching on internet.

You place your order online and pick it up at your doorstep. No monthly commitment, you shop at your leisure, knowing that products are the best quality.

The best part is that you'll become a part of our community, called Oilyander. They are the most amazing group of women, that will support you, answer your questions and brighten up your day. Connect with me on Instagram.

Does it sound  like you? You  will love these steps to "3 Ways Being Crunchy".

What happens after you join? 
Your gift is on it's way. 



What does a word “wellness” mean to you? 

It is a lifestyle. It is a puzzle with many moving pieces. It is the best decision that I have made for myself and my family! You are ready to change and wondering what is the next step. I am so excited for you, because this is the first step. When you join our community, you will have a place to ask questions, join educational classes and find others that are alike.   Ready to join me? I will walk besides you and we will learn together.  Let's get started