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- give them your referral link and/or number. Because at the end they will be prompted to YL's starter kits page.
-  this does not replace human communication. Ask questions!
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DO NOT give them more information than offered in these e-mails until they join. Do not word vomit on people. It takes time to process all this info. Be kind to them and do not overwhelm them.

Be Someone for Somebody and Empower Them with Knowledge.
What if there were a way to get your oils paid for by helping others support their health? 

I am going to share some ideas and techniques used by the very best sharers that are so simple, anyone can do them. 

Guess what. 

You do these things all the time when you talk about other companies. Don’t believe me? Check this out, you will see!

If you are loving your Young Living products, come take a look at how simple it is to share with others in a non-salesy way. It’s time to make a difference in others’ lives and cover the cost of your oils!.

Why people do the same work and some succeed while others fail?

Do you want people to be attracted to you?
You have to own your energy!

Your income can grow only if you do ❤

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