Say NO to comparison.

Say NO to comparison.
That green sauce that I showed you in my stories (my IG), was parsley emulsion. If you don't know what that are not alone 😂.
If I'd compare myself to Robert, I'd feel like a complete looooooser. 
Everyone has different talents and as you can see he knows his way around the kitchen. He makes meals like these for me daily, in between his conference calls.
And I can't flip the omelet without breaking it 😂.
Moral of the post. Don't compare yourself to others. Ever! 
Learn from them.
Enjoy their talents.
Celebrate their success.
But at the same time value your own.
You are unique and you are on this earth for a reason ❤.
P.S. Ground brisket rice cake, with parsley emulsion and balsamic reduction. Bob "quickly" whipped it up 🤣.

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New Job Feedback

Three weeks experience at new job.
Being at the right time at the right place matters ❤ . Flash sale started today 💫
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Have Faith and Surrender.

Have Faith and Surrender.

I listened to today's sermon online and his message was so powerful that I took notes ðŸ™.
🌟You will never be able to accomplish what God wants you to accomplish if you don't surround yourself with right people. 
🌟If fact no one has accomplished anything in substantial greatness by themselves. 
🌟The wrong relationships will create the wrong things in your life. 
🌟Who are the most dominant people right now that are speaking into you?
That's where your life is heading. 
🌟I bet there is more potential in you than you have ever realized. Right people help to navigate through obstacles and wavering faith. 
🌟When you don't have the right people in your life, you won't have the courage to do big things. 
🌟When you are in the middle of the confusion, when you feel distraught you are not the smartest person in the world. You make emotional decisions. 
You need the right people around you to give you courage.
🌟Surround yourself with excellence. When right people come together, God shows up and miracles start happening. 
🙏I took a leap of faith and then grew wings. It's time for dreams to come true.
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Spoon that feeds my family and pays bills

Spoon that feeds my family and pays bills
💫Do you have a spoon that feeds your family and pays your bills? 
I got a 2K bill today for Eva’s medical expenses and this spoon, that represents Modere, will be covering the least the first one.
💟I still cannot believe that my baby team, 3 weeks old, has five people who advanced in rank(s) this month. What I thought was too good to be true is even better than I thought. 
💟These beautiful mamas are all winning, because this is not your typical company.
💟Thank you so much to everyone who trusted my judgement and gave these products a chance or joined my team. I'm so grateful 🙏
"The moment of surrender is not when life is over, it’s when it begins.”

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Powder vs Liquid Collagen

Powder vs Liquid Collagen
Here’s the deal…. This is long but worth the read!! 

Let’s just focus on what is known about powdered collagen. Only about 30% of any powdered collagen container is actually collagen. (We will talk about actual collagen in a sec) 

The other 70% is fillers and additives to make the tub fuller, more cost effective and more appealing to the consumer, because it looks like a lot. 🗑 

So if you add it to water and mix it up. It’s still only 30% collagen.  Now assuming that it has dissolved into a more bioavailable form, how much of it will your body actually absorb. What dissolved faster the collagen part or the filler part?! 🤔 

Let’s talk about the types of collagen.
TYPES matter. 

Type II is the ONLY type of collagen proven to be recognized by the human body as “collagen” meaning your body will only put to use the type of collagen it recognizes for all the things collagen is supposed to do. Basically only type 2 can do for the body all things collagen can do for the body. 

Type I & III are known to be “generic” collagen and come from bovine (cow hooves etc) and marine sources. These collagens are not proven to increase collagen in the body (although they do have skin and gut health benefits they do not increase actual collagen in the body) and because of their non biodentical form, you body can’t utilize all of it therefore you’re not getting all of the benefits you could.  

Vegan Collagen: is not real, does not exist, because real collagen can only come from animal sources. Kinda like vegan bacon—- #myth 🤣

Let’s talk about the science: 👩🏼‍🔬 

Our collagen has 7 global patents. Over 30 human clinical and a list of “proven” benefits. It’s been studied analyzed and recognized for its effectiveness. It has been identified as the worlds most effective based on the science and studies. 

Most collagen formulations out there are not science backed and have never been studied, and there fore may not even contain efficacious amounts of collagen. 

Not to mention, LIQUID BIOCELL is the ONLY ONE with the exact molecular weight for maximum absorption aka benefits and also the only one PROVEN to STOP 🛑 the aging chemical hyaluronidase (which is responsible destroying collagen in the body once collagen production stops in your mid 20’s) 👀🤯

Also 🚀 type 2 collagen isn’t merely broken down in the small intestine and then absorbed into the blood stream like all the rest— it’s clinically proven to stimulate collagen production 🤩🤩 which is why based on the clinical studies after 28 days your HA levels increase by 6,000%. 

So there is a DIFFERENCE in collagens available. Just as there will be a DIFFERENCE in the benefits/results you receive. 

In a world full of magic collagen powders and pills and Instagram ads don’t go with the cheapest, the celebrity endorsed, go with SCIENCE, go with the worlds number one most effective collagen product.

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