Grow your lettuce

Grow your lettuce
Green Stalk experience has been so fun! I can finally garden without worrying that everything will die :) 
Ever since I moved to TX from the east coast, I had a real hard time. Soil is different, weather is different.
I've killed many plants before finding this gem.

I've ordered mine online. They often have sales so keep an eye for that.

Why Green Stalk? 
My biggest reason was because I can grow root vegetables in it. I am a big fan of carrots, beets, radishes etc.
Pockets are deep enough to support their growth without squishing them. I need just enough for us to eat and teach kids where real food comes from :)

That's personal choice, but I'd go with a bigger one. If you have bunnies or chickens in your backyard, you can't really plant lettuce or anything that they'd eat on the bottom. You can see that my chicken are helping themselves to parsley :) .
But you can make the bottom row look real pretty by planting flowers, especially those that attract bees.

That's the key to success. I have bought the best brand from the big box store and I bought it from local D&L Farm and Home. It was night and day difference...D&L has way better soil, with no yuck in it.
I mixed there things:
- best organic soil that they had to offer
- manure (ideally mixed). You can always go to your local farmer/ ranch and ask if they have any to spare for free. I'd check what they feed their animals with to make sure that it's not full of chemicals.
- worm castings.

I mixed it all in equal parts and that's it. You can get way more detailed with it and add more stuff. But that's my level of gardening :)

Seeds or starter plants. 
I did both to experiment and both grew just fine.

Health of the plants. 
I want to make sure that my plants are NOT going to get attacked by bugs, so I spray it with diluted Thieves cleaner.
If I start with seeds, I spray them/soil daily until they start sprouting and then once per week.
If I start with a plant, I dip it's roots into the diluted solution and then water it with it once per week.
Lastly, I dust the dirt and all around with diatomaceous earth (food grade). I like this one because it comes with a duster and makes it easy to use. Avoid dusting the flower parts of the plant. DE may or may not heart the bees.

I also purchased wheels for the green stalk, so I can move it around as needed. Plus a frost cover.

Happy gardening. I'll see you at the next blog post.
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