Look up and forward

Look up and forward
We won't give up on other people's dreams.
But we give up on our own as soon as the road gets bumpy.

I came to a point in my life when I realized I still do not know who I want to be when I grew up. It took me awhile to figure out that I do not need to change to become someone, I just need to learn how to enjoy who I already am.

Look up girl, look up and forward. What is behind you is what created your character. Own all the good and all the bad.
Don't be afraid to admit that you haven't figured it all out yet, because none of us has :)  
Whatever you are going through right now, remember that you have options.

How long do you see yourself doing what you are doing today?

Surround yourself with people who don't let you sit in your own comfort zone all the time. Because that's a perfect place to hide from your potential and past traumas. Understand your resistance to change, but don't carter to it. 

Give yourself a permission to begin again. 
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What feeling do you have attached to the word "grateful"?


What feeling do you have attached to the word "grateful"?

Is it being said because of a habit or does it actually mean something?
I have tried "catching" myself being grateful, instead of letting it to get lost in my daily routine.
This is my 13 year old baby girl ❤ She dressed me in her clothes, did my hair and picked a dance that she wanted me to learn.
I am grateful:
to work from home and have time to do these things with her, whenever she wants me to
to feel good so I can keep up with a teen
to want to dance with her and have energy
to be present in her life ❤

This is a silly video for most, but it fills my heart with so much love. Also, a reminder how fast time goes by.
I want to cherish every moment with her, before she moves on and starts creating her own life.

✨When she asks me to do something with her, I am available for her, I am here for her. Other things in life can wait.
✨I will say NO to things that keep me busy, that don't improve my families life.
✨I will catch myself being grateful and will recognize how impactful these moments are to both of us.

Finding a balance in life, between work and being a good mom, is very important to me. If I go too far one way, I don't feel fulfilled ❤ .

What are you TRULY grateful for?
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Make an impact in this world or make money, which one would you choose?

Make an impact in this world or make money, which one would you choose?

If you would have to choose between making an impact in this world or making money, which one would you choose?

We are designed, to grow and give and love. Our hearts long for human connection, understanding ear and feeling fulfilled.
What if we didn't have to choose?  
What if we can give, grow, love and make money at the same time?

Giving while making a living is a lifestyle choice.
I've heard Dean Graziosi say, "If you think money can't buy happiness, you haven't given enough away yet."
"If you don't give 10 cents out of the dollar, you won't give 100K out of a million."
When you give, you get more in return. Nothing can replace that wonderful feeling inside when you know that you have done good.

 Young Living has put me in the drivers seat to help others and pay my bills at the same time.

My goal in 2021 is to reach even more people and bring  health to even more homes. It goes way beyond the oils. It allows me to connect with those who are wanting more from life and I have an opportunity to influence them with positivity #WeAreFamily .

This year I want to double our Young Living team.
The more I make, the more I can giveaway.

I have broken down my year goals into the quarters and months.
✔️ This month, my goal was to host at least one class per week.
✔️ Create a training to show others how easy it is to share and earn.
✔️ Continue on with the book club, that is a huge eye opener how to live healthier and simpler.
Start a network marketing group to support small businesses (work in progress).

Wellness, Purpose, Abundance.

What is your 2021 goal?
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What position do you play in life?

What position do you play in life?
What position do you play in life?
Goalie, midfield or striker?

There is no shame to be in either position, because YOU are in control and can change it.
I was a goalie, today I am a striker.

If you live life in defense mode, you are a goalie.
You feel that life does things to you and tripping you to fail?
You are living in survival mode and you are exhausted.
Goalie is a last line of defense. 
If you constantly live your life "Things are being done to me" you burn out really quickly.
Look back at the last five years, how much has your life improved?
Your past and childhood controls your future. Your that will look very similar to your past.

Are you ready to switch to a midfield?
It's a hard role, because you have to overcome your fears, you have to be on the defense and offence.
This is a place in life when opportunities knock on your door.
In this role, you decide that you had enough of being a goalie.
You have chosen to take one small step, probably with shaky legs.
I believe this to be the most terrifying role, because you just stepped out of your comfort zone.
You still worry what people will say or think.
You secretly think "I'll do this safely, I'll play small so if I fail no one will notice."
You are still unsure about yourself. 

Congratulations to becoming a striker! This is were successful peeps hang.
You are constantly moving forward and becoming stronger everyday.
You NEVER think about becoming a goalie again, instead you help goalies to switch to midfield.
You might have not achieved your dreams yet, but you KNOW you will.
Nothing can shake you.
You know that if you fail fast, you will succeed faster.

Most people are only lacking a handful of good habits that would drastically change their lives.
Abundance is available to everyone.
Abundance of:
- time
- love
- money
- hugs
- relationships
- freedom
- travel
- whatever your heart desires.

Having abundance doesn't necessarily mean that you have the most money.
It means that you live your life the way you design it.

So I ask you again. What role do you play in life? 
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10 Things about me.

10 Things about me.
In my Young Living team we having #WeAreFamily week. Each person has a week to share about themselves.

1. Share one thing that people don’t know about you.
I can't watch horror movies. They end up in my dreams for weeks and I start hearing weird noises in the house 🤷‍♀️.

2. Favorite oil and/or product and why?
Ningxia Red, it's is liquid gold that allows me get old and enjoy my life to it's fullest.

3. If you could have a super power, what would it be and why?
Snap my fingers and make things quiet around me 😂. Silence is my favorite sound.

4. If money and time was not an object, what would you do differently today?
Spend more quality time with family and friends. I wish I would have learned earlier in my life how precious time is ❤ .

5. If you were a tree (or animal), what kind would you be and why?
Willow trees mesmerize me. The way they move in the wind makes me think that they are talking to me or maybe someone from above is saying hello ❤ .
Also, their roots last for 100+ feet. There is more underground than what you see above the ground. Just like our lives and successes and marriages.

6. What do you notice first about a person?
If they have an eye contact with you when you speak or keep glancing at the phone.

7.What makes you laugh?
Bob 😛 doesn't matter if I had a bad day, my dear hubby always makes me laugh.
I love stand up comedy as well.

8. What scares you?
Loosing my freedom again.

9. What was the last vacation you went to and where do you want to go next?
Mexico was an escape from reality just few months ago.
Before everything got closed down, we were supposed to go to Costa Rica, spend a week at the beach and another week in the rain forest.
I have a looooong list of places that I want to travel to.

10. What 3-5 qualities do you love most about yourself?
I am honest - that helped me learn who my real friends are.
I am a go getter - once I learned how to trust myself, I learned that I can do anything I want.
I am an influencer - this one took me a long time to "get it". Bob has said it to me for many years, but I could never could wrap my mind around it. Today I know that I can influence others in a positive way, to show them how they can trust and believe in themselves.

I'd love to hear about YOU and get to know you better :) 

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