Zyto Scans

Zyto Scans
Zyto Scans are such a great way to look deeper into our health and have a better understand what's going on inside. It may help you to come up with a health plan that is easy to follow. It's a great tool to use if you work with a holistic practitioner as well.

You can learn more about zyto scans, click here for details and videos.

HOW to schedule a scan.
Use the Contact Us form on the website to set a date/time.
To schedule a meeting online click here.
It takes 5-10 minutes to get scanned and 30+ mins to go over the scan. Plan to spend about an hour together.

 A. it is free for my Young Living members who are on subscribe and save program (Essential Rewards). You are welcome to get scanned once every two months. It gives you just enough time to implement what you learned from the previous scan.

Our body keeps regenerating itself, you just need to give it the basics that it needs. Some fun facts:
- our skin is about 4 weeks old
- liver 5 months old
- nervous system 5 months old
- bones 1 year old

*spouses and children are welcome. But they need their own time slot.

B. $15 for my Young Living members who are not on subscribe and save. It includes scan, going over the results and you will receive an e-mail with the detailed results.

C. If you are not on my Young Living team your first scan is $25. If you join my Young Living team within 24 hours, you will receive a refund for $25 (applies for $100 orders and above). 

To save your spot, use venmo, clink here for the link. 
If you cancel within 48 hours you will receive a full refund.
If a case of an emergency, your payment will be applied for the future appointment.
No refunds otherwise. 

If you have a group of three people or more, I will come to you on a date that fits both of our schedules. Contact me to set it up. 

I usually book 3-4 weeks out, please plan accordingly. I strive to provide the best service for my Young Living team and make them a priority, therefore, I do not work with anyone outside my team. Thank you for understanding.

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Bucket List: Happy & Healthy Life

Bucket List: Happy & Healthy Life
We all want to live a long, happy and healthy life, right? Well these two things go hand in hand. One of my favorite things just happens to be exercising, but it wasn't that way until I found a type of "movement" that I really enjoy. I don't dread going to the gym now, now I consider it my "me time". But there is another thing that the gym gives me, ENDORPHINS! I didn't realize that this is what keeps me going back! I have more energy and focus when I leave. 

Endorphins are defined as chemicals the body releases to relieve stress and pain. They are the result of a natural process, and they are better than opioids according to MedicalNewsToday. For years, researchers suspected that endorphins caused the so-called “runner’s high,” a feeling of euphoria that happens after lengthy, vigorous physical activity. However, you don't only experience endorphins from exercise, they are also released when you laugh, experience gratitude, give to others, and eat some dark chocolate! 

To get more healthy living hacks, join me here.
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Water- a sea of benefits

Water- a sea of benefits
Water gets rid of waste, regulates body temperature, provides cushioning for joints, and can protect sensitive tissue—along with a sea of other benefits. But are you a fish out of water when it comes to hydration? 

How much water should you drink?

If you just google the answer most sites will tell you around 64 ounces; however, according to the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicines, you should be drinking a little more. Adequate Intake for women over the age of 19 is 95 ounces and for men it is 131 ounces. A good rule of thumb is to drink half your body weight in ounces every day. So if you weigh 200 pounds, drink 100 ounces! When in doubt- drink up! Your body will definitely be "thirsty" before you are dehydrated! 

Why is it important to drink water?

Water is essential for your cells, tissues, and organs to function! 
  • Water eliminates waste from the body
  • Water keeps your brain functioning at its best
  • Water increases endurance
  • Water regulates your body temperature
  • Water protects your spine and keeps your joints running smoothly
It is especially important that you stay hydrated when working out or during summer- hello 85 degrees and sweat! The more you sweat, the more you have to replenish your supply! 

A few tips to drink more?

  1.  get a water bottle you love! For me this means it has to fit in the cupholder in my car and it has to be glass so I can add my Essential Oils, which brings me to number 2
  2.  Add flavor! Essential Oils have tons of benefits and one just happens to be how Yummy they make my water. Just grab a couple drops of Orange or Lemon Vitality, throw in some sprig of mint and Viola! It's a summer dream!
  3.  Drink a glass before every meal 
  4.  Skip sugary beverages, fluid doesn't always mean HYDRATING, and one more thing... skip some of the caffeine, it has the opposite effect - dehydration!
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If I had more energy, I would...

If I had more energy, I would...
If I had more energy I would_________.
Finish the sentence.
During C-pandemic I stopped working out. 
I started eating and drinking more. 
Started having all kinds of cravings. 
That led to bloating and feeling like crap. 
I started sleeping less. 
My energy was waaaaaaaay down. 
💦In my head I was going to gym "tomorrow", I was going to kick some butt and be fit again. We'll tomorrow didn't come for many months.
Because midday I was so freakin' tired that I couldn't even think about the gym.
When I did drag myself there, I was be even more tired afterwards and didn't want to do ANYTHING, but sit on the couch.
Kind of defeats the purpose of working out, right?
I had to take another approach to get more energy and dig myself out of this energesless- hole. 

One of the things that I did is I worked on my lymphatic system....hear me out, I won't get too geeky on you 🙂
Our lymph's are our bodies trash cans, you need to clean them out. 
Do not take your trash out for few days and keep piling up more on top  🤢.
That's what was happening inside my body. The lack of exercise lead to an accumulation of toxins in muscles. 

RESULT.... LOTS of energy and feeling amazing!
My bruising on my back is from massage/ cupping. got all that stuff moving and grooving. 

Here is what I did:

1.  Cel-Lite Magic™ Massage Oil is what I use for massage and after the shower. Ingredients (such as  Juniper oil) helps cleanse, plus it makes my skin look smooth-er. (Might be sun sensitive, avoid sun for 24-48 hours after using it).

2.  Meditate to reduce stress...on days that I had zero energy I'd fall asleep :)  I use Stress Away or  Peace and Calming essential oils. Stress affects everything negatively, even lymphatic system. 

3. I'd walk up and down the steps or just down the street. I'd park a car further from the store and walk. Whole body movement is a must. 

4. Water! I'd flavor it with Vitality drops and I drank 3-4 30 oz Yeti cups

5. Monthly massage. I made sure that she can work based on my needs vs doing a relaxing massage. Plus she does cupping :) .

6. I flooded my body with nutrients, so it can heal itself. Master Formula is my easy button.

That was the beginning of my change. 
Step 2 was colon cleanse, you can read about that goodness here. 

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Cleaner, Greener, & Better MultiVitamins

Cleaner, Greener, & Better MultiVitamins
As the gatekeepers of our home we have such a great opportunity to bring in healthy products for ourselves and families! Join us as we detox our homes and switch out conventional products for cleaner, greener and better options!

When it comes to conventional vitamins and supplements, it is incredibly difficult to find options that aren’t filled with unnecessary colorings, fillers and binders. Sadly these ingredients are almost always synthetic, wreaking havoc on the body, especially over time, disrupting hormones, causing allergies (often low-level so we barely notice!) and gut disruption. And none of us want that for ourselves or our families!! Especially when we are trying to do something good like take a multivitamin!!

Sadly our current foods (even the healthiest, homegrown options!) lack a lot of the vitamins and minerals that they used to contain. Whether a result of conventional farming practices, long delays in shipment or a depletion of nutrients in the soil, we simply aren’t getting quite enough from foods alone, which is why a high quality multivitamin is essential! In fact, it is one of the most prescribed over the counter supplements in the US!

Master Formula is a full-spectrum, multinutrient complex that provides premium vitamins, minerals, and food-based nutriment to support general health and well-being. Not only is it an exceptional formula of necessary vitamins and minerals, it includes antioxidants and essential oils that further increase the absorption of all those wonderfully good things!

Join me for 30 Days to Healthy Living, here.
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