ZYTO Insights Scan

ZYTO Insights Scan


This technology uses biometrics through physical or behavioral characteristics to create a digital footprint. This fingerprint or footprint unique to you is referred to by Zyto as your Spark. This is such a great technology to discover ways to improve your quality of life. 

Your Spark is created by way of voice mapping using your voice frequency and kinetic responses. Your voice is unique to you but it can also provide insight to your current state of well being.

STEP 1. Voice- frequency is as unique as your fingerprint. The energy and frequency of your voice contains unique information about your health. Including your current state of wellness.

The characteristics of your voice, such as tone and frequency, carry a variety of personal information:

- Your voice is powerful personal identifier, like your fingerprint.
- Vocal cords have a direct connection to the brain, which is your central processing unit for everything that is going on in your body. 
- Because of your connections, your body can provide insights into your current state of health and wellness. 

STEP 2. Kinetic response / Visual Evoked Potential (VEP)

Our brain produces electrical current in response to information. or stimuli, perceived through senses. Zyto Insights does NOT diagnose but rather, it uses kinetic response to detect brain response time in order to gather information and identify unique characteristic of an individual. Find more information by clicking here.

What do you need to get scanned?
You need a device that has a camera (phone, tablet etc) and wifi. It's that simple!
Creating and account and scanning takes handful of minutes and you will receive your results immediately.

Understanding your results. 
I will share a FREE video with you that explains how to scan and read your own results.


~ Zyto Insight Scan - $10 per person / $30 for a family (up to five people).
~ Zyto Insight Review follow up zoom call - $25 for 1 hour (optional).

If you are a part of Oilyander team on Subscribe and Save you may qualify for a FREE monthly scan.


Information needed:
- Your full name
- Your e-mail
- Your phone number
- Be on the look out for the e-mail that has a link, if you don't see it, check you spam inbox.
I will confirm via text when e-mail has been sent. 


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