My waist is shrinking!

My waist is shrinking!
It is so satisfying to start seeing results! Yes I do feel them, I have more energy and I am in a great mood.
But now my waist is shrinking :)

I have been doing colon cleanse for few months now and holy-moly-quack-a-moly! I feel amazing and look leaner!
Let's get real!

Did you know that you should have a bowel movement as many times as you eat, ideally 2-3 times per day.
If you don't, that food just sits in your body and "rots".
You must eliminate what you have eaten or you will create a perfect place for illnesses to grow.
Having diarrhea might be a sign of constipation as well, sounds crazy right? Watch this video it explains it well.
This cleanse is non-invasive, so I eat my regular diet and don't have to make any drastic changes in my daily routines, here are all the products that I use. 

"As much as 90 percent of allergies will clear up with a colon and liver cleanse. The remaining allergies often clear up after adding adrenal support." ~ Inner Transformation Using Essential Oils. 

My next step was to do the parasite cleanse....another yucky topic! But must be talked about because those suckers cause so many issues and are easy to get rid off, especially if you stay on top of it. The fact is that all of us have them and we coexist, as long you "manage" them.
I and my whole family use ParaFree. For us it had to be easy and quick! We take capsules at night time. They do all the work while we sleep. Done!

Last step was to manage cortisol (stress hormone). This hormone is released when our brain thinks that there is a threat. It is a very good hormone in short burst in vital situations (think fight or flight). Unfortunately, most of us LIVE in the state of stress. Stress has a lot of bad side effects, one of them is weigh gain. I take Cortistop to help me manage my stress.

 Any Questions?

Cleanses should be done with earths seasons, so my next cleanse will be liver and gallbladder. 
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