Flower do not bloom all year round

Flower do not bloom all year round
We have seasons for a reason and they always come in the same order.
Winter never follows winter.

We also have seasons at work.
There are days that I am going out full force and pursuing my dreams.
And then there are days like today, when I am reflecting on what I have done, where I need to grow and what I need to change.

Today we put hustle on a pedestal and working long hours is a norm. But I have not met one person who is truly happy when s/he is burned out. Instead they just keep on pushing forward until something in life breaks and they are forced to stop.  

Flower do not bloom all year round. Neither can you.
Take a break, nourish your soul and you body.
Then get back out there, be laser focused on your goal and get it done. 

Where are you today?  
How long do you see yourself doing what you do?
Why do you continue living the way that does not serve you?
When you are ready for a change, come chat with me, I'll show you what else is available to you.  
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If I had more energy, I would...

If I had more energy, I would...
If I had more energy I would_________.
Finish the sentence.
During C-pandemic I stopped working out. 
I started eating and drinking more. 
Started having all kinds of cravings. 
That led to bloating and feeling like crap. 
I started sleeping less. 
My energy was waaaaaaaay down. 
💦In my head I was going to gym "tomorrow", I was going to kick some butt and be fit again. We'll tomorrow didn't come for many months.
Because midday I was so freakin' tired that I couldn't even think about the gym.
When I did drag myself there, I was be even more tired afterwards and didn't want to do ANYTHING, but sit on the couch.
Kind of defeats the purpose of working out, right?
I had to take another approach to get more energy and dig myself out of this energesless- hole. 

One of the things that I did is I worked on my lymphatic system....hear me out, I won't get too geeky on you 🙂
Our lymph's are our bodies trash cans, you need to clean them out. 
Do not take your trash out for few days and keep piling up more on top  ðŸ¤¢.
That's what was happening inside my body. The lack of exercise lead to an accumulation of toxins in muscles. 

RESULT.... LOTS of energy and feeling amazing!
My bruising on my back is from massage/ cupping. got all that stuff moving and grooving. 

Here is what I did:

1.  Cel-Lite Magic™ Massage Oil is what I use for massage and after the shower. Ingredients (such as  Juniper oil) helps cleanse, plus it makes my skin look smooth-er. (Might be sun sensitive, avoid sun for 24-48 hours after using it).

2.  Meditate to reduce stress...on days that I had zero energy I'd fall asleep :)  I use Stress Away or  Peace and Calming essential oils. Stress affects everything negatively, even lymphatic system. 

3. I'd walk up and down the steps or just down the street. I'd park a car further from the store and walk. Whole body movement is a must. 

4. Water! I'd flavor it with Vitality drops and I drank 3-4 30 oz Yeti cups

5. Monthly massage. I made sure that she can work based on my needs vs doing a relaxing massage. Plus she does cupping :) .

6. I flooded my body with nutrients, so it can heal itself. Master Formula is my easy button.

That was the beginning of my change. 
Step 2 was colon cleanse, you can read about that goodness here. 

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My Secret to Keeping Up with Workouts

My Secret to Keeping Up with Workouts

How many times during the workout have you thought “I hope this will be over soon”?
Did you catch yourself looking at the watch?
Did you try to find shortcuts while working out?

Here is my secret...I have to find what I really like. 

Let’s take zumba for example. I looooove dancing, but I don’t always love zumba classes. 
Anytime it starts to feel like a workout vs dancing, I look at the clock. 
When I walk in the room and I see that the instructor has a huge smile on her face, greeting everyone (not just regulars) I can feel her energy and get very excited about the class. 

What have you tried so far? Maybe group sport (tennis, volleyball or alike) is your thing. 
Maybe you can join a running group or maybe you prefer doing bootcamps or riding a horse. 
Keep trying new things until you’ll find yourself wanting to go and do it. It won’t be a chore anymore, you’ll look forward to it. 

I have tried working out at home and I found million excuses each time to do something else. Or I would pick the shortest workout :)
Finally, we had toured few gyms, I picked the one that had all that I was looking for and now I can’t wait to go there five times per week. 

Don’t give up, you’ll feel so good when you’ll get your bones moving!

Want to learn more about healthy lifestyle? Join my 30 day group to learn where to start, message me and I'll let you know when next group starts. 

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What disrupts our hormones?

What disrupts our hormones?
If you are a woman or have a daughter, this is a must read for you.

So often we believe that what is on the store shelves is ok for us to use. Someone in the government checked all the ingredients and made sure they are safe for us, right?

Why does it matter to you?
Because many of the ingredients in women's products (such as pads, tampons etc) cause terrible damage. After using such products often/daily young girls and women have side effects...some of the ingredients have been linked from issues like hormone imbalance, allergic rashes, cancer to infertility. But no one wants to really touch this topic, because it's uncomfortable to talk about it.
Let's look into it closer.

Pick up the product that you are using and read the ingredients:
- dioxins and furans (from chlorine bleaching process). Exposure to dioxins and furans has been linked to cancer, reproductive harm, and endocrine disruption. Studies have confirmed that tampons contain low levels of dioxins and furans.
- fragrance/ perfume. This means thousands of unknow toxic chemicals mixed together. Avoid any product that has an F word on the ingredient list. 
- dyes.
- acetone.
- styrene.
- cloroform.
...just a few to mention.

Will one toxic ingredient hurt you? 
Probably not. But as you see above, one product contains many different toxic ingredients. Think what happens when you mix baking soda with vinegar, they react with each other.
What happens when you body is daily filled with toxic chemicals from all the products that you use?
They react with each other as well and you end up having different health issues without understanding why it's happening.

There is a very simple solution, find pads and tampons that have clean ingredients. There are many of them available, you just need to know what you are looking for.

Do you want to receive  a cheat sheet, a list of dirty ingredients and more detailed information? Fill this out and check your e-mail.

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