🌟Do you agree that most people tend to settle for less?
Looking back on all the documentaries, books I’ve read and interviews that I listened to from people that have achieved something in life, they all have one thing in common. 
They said the following,...I am here today, because my parent (spouse, coach, mentor, friend etc) has pushed me and helped me to realize my full potential. 
Today I was at the gym and it’s less crowded than in January. When we take the comfortable/ easy way out and settle for less, we feel good just for that moment. But in a long period of time, we lose love for life, we end up with no purpose. 
🌟Who are you surrounding yourself with?
🌟Do those people truly want what’s best for you?
🌟Are you comfortable being comfortable with them?
🌟Are people around you always striving to be better?
This applies to marriage, parenting, work and all other aspects of life. 
If you find yourself unsatisfied in some area in life, don’t squish that thought. Don’t quit what you do because it’s hard. But don’t stay in your comfort zone because it’s easier. There is a fine line between the two.
🌟 Deep Tuesday yoga class thoughts 🤪
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