Pork Belly Recipe

This is the most wonderful weekend that I got to spend with my friends and business partners. We learned so much about successful women and how to become one...and we ate lots of fantastic food that Bob made for us. Here is one to start with and lots of more to come.

Thank you to all my Young Living friends that came and helped me eat all of this :) Comment below with how this recipe came out. 

Good food. Good company. Good training from Diamond Bound.
Wellness. Purpose. Abundance.

Pork Belly

1 large pork belly fat skewed
1T kosher salt
1T brown sugar
2tsp garlic powder

Run belly with seasoning and rest overnight.
Smoke at 250 for 2 hours.
Wrap in foil and bake at 225 for 2 hours or until temp is 200.
Cool over night so you can slice.

1/2 cup sweet chili sauce
6 garlic cloves
1 finger length of fresh finger
1/4 cup gojuchang
1T sesame oil
1T rice wine vin
1 tsp fish sauce
2T water

Add all ingredients to blend until smooth

1 head Napa cabbage shredded
2 shredded carrots sliced thin
2 unripe mangos sliced thin
Black and white sesame seeds

1T Dijon mustard
1T honey
4 drops of lemon vitality oil
2T rice wine vinegar
1T sesame oil
2T olive oil
Salt and pepper

Mix all well and pour over slaw ingredients. Do this right before you serve.

Slice pork belly in strips, coat in glaze on both sides and flip a few times.
Each time hit with glaze so it caramelizes. 
Serve with slaw.

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