Can you prevent cancer?

Can you prevent cancer?
💦My kids had a PinkOut day at school...everyone knows what pink color represents.  

It's great that school does these events, recognitions etc , but that's not enough. Often these events and fundraisers are planned by amazing people, with big and giving hearts, who truly want to help. And they do help with their support.

BUT... it's like pouring water into the bucket that has no bottom. 

I am not diminishing what these PINK events stand for.

What good does it do to serve food and drinks that cause cancer during these events? 
What good does it do to use products filled with fragrance that are known to cause cancer? 

Only 5%-10% of cancer is genetic, the rest is your lifestyle (see my previous blog post. If FDA approval means anything to you 'll find a lot info there).

💦THE CHOICES YOU MAKE EVERYDAY is either helping you or killing you!

I know this is a scary topic, many cross their fingers and hope for the best. But hope is not going to help. 
We don't get terrible illness over night. 
It happens day by day, until it shows it's ugly face to you. 

🌟How great would it be to have more events that teach what causes cancer, so we can prevent it as much as possible   ...because it is possible. 

💦I know this will ruffle some feathers, but maybe, just maybe it will help even one person to stop and actually think about it. That leads to different life choices in the future. 

I simply can't wrap my mind this... we pay for products and food that makes us sick. When I bring it up, I am a crazy one because how dare I talk about it 🤷‍♀️.

Where do you start? 
Get rid of all the products that have fragrance/perfume on the ingredient list. That will eliminate hundreds of toxins out of your home and your immune system will do what it's mean to do.

I choose Thieves product line for my home and my family. NO it will not sure cancer. What it replaces a lot of products that have toxic chemicals in them. 
Only the best, not cutting corners when it comes to health. We only use products that support our immune system, not weaken it. 
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