Happy mouth!

Happy mouth!
Did you know that most toothpastes and mouth rinses have a warning to not swallow it, if you do, you should call poison line.

I have trouble following this mindset, because even if you don't swallow them, it still gets absorbed into our blood stream. Therefore, I introduced non-toxic dental care to my family.

Here we go:

-  Whitening Thieves toothpaste. First, it's whitening, that had me sold right away. Second, It has special silica particles that won't scratch your enamel...that's a big deal! 

- Sparkle dust. It has pure minerals that help to regain and maintain strength in your teeth. 

- Thieves floss. This little guy gets overlooked, but check this out...A study released by the Environmental Protection Agency indicates that researchers found those who used Oral-B Glide dental floss regularly had elevated levels of chemicals called PFAS. PFAS have been linked to kidney cancer, thyroid disease, and decreased fertility.

- Thieves mouthwash. It's yummy tasting, some people like to stretch it out and dilute it with water.

- Thieves essential oil. I put 1-2 drops right on my teeth. Whole oral care is based on this oil because it is amazing at keeping us above the wellness line.  I always had bad teeth and since I started using Thieves oil I see a huge improvement.  

If you do not know Thieves story and how they chose the name text THIEVES to 469-343-1663.

Now I need to find a perfect toothbrush, let me what you use. 

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