Can you go bathroom?

Can you go bathroom?

I hear this sooooo often!
I can't go or I go too often.
There are many pieces to the big puzzle to digestion and enzymes play a big part of it.

ENZYMES. Who takes them? 

Some of the enzymes enter our bloodstream to clean out foreign materials and free-radicals and other allergens. So in doing this, they help reduce inflammation and aid in the removal of waste. Enzymes are key for helping the body deal with allergens.

The food we eat and the drugs we take are made from chemical elements that need enzymes to be broken down by our bodies for absorption. We can eat all the great food in the world…but to actually get VITAMINS and MINERALS out of the food…we technically have to have ENZYMES.

Enzymes UNLOCK the benefits of what we eat. They play a MAJOR role in metabolic function.

How to pick the right enzyme for you?

Essentialzyme has a pancreatic enzyme which ONLY Essentialzyme has. Essentiazyme is your all purpose digestive enzyme. Taken just prior to eating, Essentialzyme supports digestion of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. The children’s chewable version is called KidScents MightyZyme.

Essentialzymes-4 contains all the necessary enzymes to break down fiber, carbs, fats, proteins we are eating at meals. Fat soluble vitamins aren’t absorbed well if we can’t break them down.

Allerzyme is targeted for those people with environmental allergies + for people who have sensitive stomachs and easily get allergies from food to help them as their bodies work to process everything.

Detoxzyme Capsules was formulated to detoxify your body from the chemicals and other toxins that we are exposed to on a daily basis. One of the ingredients of Detoxzyme is the essential oil, DiGize Vitality which augments the activity and delivery of the enzymes significantly. Added to this product is an enzyme that digests cellulose, which destroys fungi and other harmful organic material that can cause overgrowth in our intestinal system.

Cleaning colon and liver: 
Enzymes help clear the body of undigested proteins and meat. Undigested starches, sugars, and carbs will ferment fats, turning them rancid. Toxins create a host for diseases such as candida, leaky gut, brain fog, fatigue, hypoglycemia, depression, allergies, and fibromyalgia.

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