Cleaner, Greener, & Better MultiVitamins

Cleaner, Greener, & Better MultiVitamins
As the gatekeepers of our home we have such a great opportunity to bring in healthy products for ourselves and families! Join us as we detox our homes and switch out conventional products for cleaner, greener and better options!

When it comes to conventional vitamins and supplements, it is incredibly difficult to find options that aren’t filled with unnecessary colorings, fillers and binders. Sadly these ingredients are almost always synthetic, wreaking havoc on the body, especially over time, disrupting hormones, causing allergies (often low-level so we barely notice!) and gut disruption. And none of us want that for ourselves or our families!! Especially when we are trying to do something good like take a multivitamin!!

Sadly our current foods (even the healthiest, homegrown options!) lack a lot of the vitamins and minerals that they used to contain. Whether a result of conventional farming practices, long delays in shipment or a depletion of nutrients in the soil, we simply aren’t getting quite enough from foods alone, which is why a high quality multivitamin is essential! In fact, it is one of the most prescribed over the counter supplements in the US!

Master Formula is a full-spectrum, multinutrient complex that provides premium vitamins, minerals, and food-based nutriment to support general health and well-being. Not only is it an exceptional formula of necessary vitamins and minerals, it includes antioxidants and essential oils that further increase the absorption of all those wonderfully good things!

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Are You Addicted to Caffeine?

Are You Addicted to Caffeine?
Energy is fabulous. But falsely boosting energy can result in crashing down so hard that we’re rendered useless unless we boost it again. This creates addiction and one of the most common in our society is an addiction to caffeine. While we know it can affect blood pressure, sleep, and productivity, it also has a huge impact on our emotional stability.

“Drinking caffeine triggers the release of adrenaline. Adrenaline is the source of the “fight or flight” response, a survival mechanism that forces you to stand up and fight or run for the hills when faced with a threat. The fight-or-flight mechanism side steps rational thinking in favor of a faster response. This is great when a bear is chasing you, but not so great when you’re responding to a curt email. When caffeine puts your brain and body into this hyper-aroused state, your emotions overrun your behavior.

Irritability and anxiety are the most commonly seen emotional effects of caffeine, but caffeine enables all of your emotions to take charge.

The negative effects of a caffeine-generated adrenaline surge are not just behavioral. Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University found that large doses of caffeine raise blood pressure, stimulate the heart, and produce rapid shallow breathing, which readers of Emotional Intelligence 2.0 know deprives the brain of the oxygen needed to keep your thinking calm and rational.”
Caffeine: The Silent Killer of Success by Travis Bradberry

While smaller amounts or irregular intake of caffeine is unlikely to have adverse effects, many of us are in a state of total dependency. I love my iced tea just like many people love their coffee and I have to be very careful to watch for these two problems:
Not to let my intake replace my needed water intake. It can be so easy to down other drinks and realize at the end of the day that we’ve had none of the water we desperately need.
To very carefully watch my dependency on the caffeine. Can I go without it easily? Do I notice any adverse effects like headaches or sluggishness when I go a while without it? These are signs that I need to step back and regroup to avoid problems. 

Don't hate me. I'm coming after your coffee drinks (not your black coffee). I’m not saying we can’t ever have treats and make exceptions. I do that right along with you. I am saying that using coffee drinks as your pick me up on any kind of a regular basis is expensive both in terms of your wallet and your health. I went ahead and added La Croix with the NingXia Red just so we were comparing a big, tall, refreshing drink vs. a shot with the coffee drink.

Vanilla Frappuccino:
14g fat
69g sugar
95mg caffeine

Iced Caramel Macchiato:
7g fat
34g sugar
150mg caffeine

2 oz NingXia Red w/1 can La Croix/sparkling water:
0g fat
2g sugar (from fruits, none added)
0mg caffeine

Thousands of Americans daily pour money into coffee that gives them a momentary boost and crash with no lasting benefits. In fact, there are many detrimental health factors to these drinks. Chemicals, sweeteners, and low quality dairy and dairy substitutes fill your body with things it needs to be rid of vs. flooding it with nutrition. The cost is not only short term but also long term with your health.

Love your body enough to make the switch. Love your kids by showing them different habits for increasing energy. It is worth the change!!! I can tell you that I see the difference in my energy levels and my body craves that feeling of being full of what it needs for the day ahead!
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Can you go bathroom?

Can you go bathroom?

I hear this sooooo often!
I can't go or I go too often.
There are many pieces to the big puzzle to digestion and enzymes play a big part of it.

ENZYMES. Who takes them? 

Some of the enzymes enter our bloodstream to clean out foreign materials and free-radicals and other allergens. So in doing this, they help reduce inflammation and aid in the removal of waste. Enzymes are key for helping the body deal with allergens.

The food we eat and the drugs we take are made from chemical elements that need enzymes to be broken down by our bodies for absorption. We can eat all the great food in the world…but to actually get VITAMINS and MINERALS out of the food…we technically have to have ENZYMES.

Enzymes UNLOCK the benefits of what we eat. They play a MAJOR role in metabolic function.

How to pick the right enzyme for you?

Essentialzyme has a pancreatic enzyme which ONLY Essentialzyme has. Essentiazyme is your all purpose digestive enzyme. Taken just prior to eating, Essentialzyme supports digestion of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. The children’s chewable version is called KidScents MightyZyme.

Essentialzymes-4 contains all the necessary enzymes to break down fiber, carbs, fats, proteins we are eating at meals. Fat soluble vitamins aren’t absorbed well if we can’t break them down.

Allerzyme is targeted for those people with environmental allergies + for people who have sensitive stomachs and easily get allergies from food to help them as their bodies work to process everything.

Detoxzyme Capsules was formulated to detoxify your body from the chemicals and other toxins that we are exposed to on a daily basis. One of the ingredients of Detoxzyme is the essential oil, DiGize Vitality which augments the activity and delivery of the enzymes significantly. Added to this product is an enzyme that digests cellulose, which destroys fungi and other harmful organic material that can cause overgrowth in our intestinal system.

Cleaning colon and liver: 
Enzymes help clear the body of undigested proteins and meat. Undigested starches, sugars, and carbs will ferment fats, turning them rancid. Toxins create a host for diseases such as candida, leaky gut, brain fog, fatigue, hypoglycemia, depression, allergies, and fibromyalgia.

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