Without purpose, we have problems

Without purpose, we have problems
💟This is why we need to have purpose.

Otherwise, our problems will become the biggest thing in our life and they will dominate over everything else.

Over the last few months, I have concentrated on my new job, it has given me so much joy 😍. 
I walked away from problems that I didn't need, that were pulling me away from my purpose and I created new life.

💟Scared every step of a way.
💟But did it anyway. 

Now I am having fun, helping people and making good income. 
Sometimes walking away and recognizing that what worked once doesn't work anymore, is a good thing. 

Always trust your gut, it knows what your head hasn't figured out yet. 

💟 My purpose is still the same. I'm building team of leaders, where they can become whatever they want. And I LOVE watching them SUCCEED. 

Watch me or come join our team.

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Why we don't trust ourselves.

Why we don't trust ourselves.
Many of us do not start or finish projects, because we don't believe that we'll see it through. We don't trust ourselves.

Does this sound familiar:

💫We decide to do something.
💫We set goals and start working on it.
💫We are 1/3 way into it and realize that we are not having results that we wanted.
💫We stop.
💫Then we feel bad about ourselves, because once again you let yourself down.

Because of this stop-and-go cycle we don't see results. We feel like failures. We stop trusting our abilities 😢.

It's hard to get out of this loop, but definitely possible ❤.
Honor your commitment to yourself.
That's called person integrity, staying true to your word.
Keeping promises that you made to yourself.

Are you ready to hold yourself to the same standard as others?

I train my team to create self-accountability and help them grow. If you curious what I do or want more info, check my IG highlights, I am very active in my stories.
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Where to find a person to keep you accountable?

Where to find a person to keep you accountable?

This might ruffle some feathers. But this is my style of coaching ❤. I will gently push you to do things that you don't want, until you see that those are the exact steps that you need to take to start growing your business.
So please hear me out.

We pay for leadership trainings, attend seminars, read books and keep wanting to achieve that next level in our success. But until we learn self-accountability, we have a very slim chance of achieving that next goal.

Do you find yourself saying, "I need someone to keep me accountable."
It's the same as saying, "I want someone to take responsibility for my actions and mistakes."

There is no better accountability, than self-accountability.

If you work with someone who only says what you want to hear, you'll never get out of your comfort zone and start making different choices. Year after year will go by and you'll be at the same spot. That's a tragedy, because you'll start doubting yourself and that will push you ever harder to stay where you are right now. 

If you are a go getter and ready to take action, but just don't know what steps to take.... come talk to me. I am growing every day, actually enjoying what I do and truly building my dream life. I'd love for you to join my team!

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Does creating personal brand on social media attracts more customers to your business?

Does creating personal brand on social media attracts more customers to your business?
Is it true that creating personal brand on social media attracts more customers to your business? I'll argue that it is not true.

Here is why:
Social media engagements and more followers feeds our ego.
But most of the time it does not translate into a customer. Most of us interact with wrong people because it feels good when someone comments on your post or video.

Being busy does not equal results. Social media becomes THE job, instead of a tool for growth. You need to learn how to give your time to the right people. 

I do know few people who actually get results from social media, they are unicorns :) . They are getting results but they are constantly ON. There is no time freedom.
You must find a balance at work, if you truly want to have time and financial freedom. Then you can say that you are working smarter, not harder!

What would happen to your business if social media disappeared?

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Why do so many entrepreneurs fail ?

Why do so many entrepreneurs fail ?
People need structure and most don't have it. Some might have a to-do list or an IPA list to follow. But those are overwhelming and don't produce long lasting results.

💦We have been told at school what to do.
💦We have been told by bosses at work what to do.
💦We need to be told by financial advisor to save money.
💦 We need meal planner to help us eat healthier.
💦 We need a personal trainer to tell us what to do.

💢We need structure and discipline. 

💫When we are left on our own, we lack self accountability and discipline.  

You already have enough information and (and expensive) personal growth trainings.
You don't know how to apply your knowledge.

My training starts October 4th. Stop playing small, it's time to WIN.
I will guide you and coach you all the way. 
I don't hustle, I don't believe in that. 
Instead I work smart, so we can achieve time freedom. 

P.S. this is the last training that I'm doing until next year.
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