Let's talk business!

Let's talk business!
Why does this topic make women uncomfortable? 
Especially in entrepreneurs world.

Is it because many have never owned a business and are not sure how to lead their team?
I find that self doubt is what's holding most back.

Let me tell you something...YOU'VE GOT THIS!!!!

A lot of us are "trained" to fail. Not on purpose, but life and past failures have a HUGE impact on our business. 
It takes heart work and hard work to see past that. 
You need to change your narrative. 

It takes time and that's what this training is for:

- Sometimes we just need to learn how to talk to people. Don't laugh at this one. Some many relationships and marriages have been broken because of communication.  
- What kind of leader are you? Learn how to attract positive people who want to work with you.
- What does it mean to have influence over your team? Don't confuse it with manipulation or control.
- How to have difficult conversations with your team?
- How to get yourself to do what you need to do?

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*You must be on Young Living team under Vesta Schneider in order for me to train you. 
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