Focus, Creativity, Motivation.

Focus, Creativity, Motivation.
It depends on our personalities how we deal with focus and motivation.
I know somedays I am filled with creative thoughts and I can't write them down fast enough, but I am unable to focus.

My mind is raising, my brain is jumping from one idea to another non the end I do not get anything done.
If I want to preauthorize what I want to do first, I need  bit of help.

This is a great video where child explains how a kid feels when he can't focus and gets frustrated and what he does.
My son is just like that and he is drawn to Stress Away and Citrus Fresh.

My favorites are  Clarity, Release (great for perfectionists) and Brain Power (when I need to go through to-do list vs being creative), that's when I stick to my schedule, enjoy what I do and my day ends up being very productive.

I use my diffuser in the office:
2 drops Eucalyptus
3 drops Black Pepper
2 drops Clarity

I also do a Zyto Insights scan few times per month to get an idea what my body needs most right now.

What is your biggest struggle?

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