Best husband, here is WHY

Best husband, here is WHY

Here is why Robert is the best husband:
He feeds me. 
The end 😂❤🤣.
Well there is more:
- he makes me laugh until I snort 🤣
- he makes me do taxes to avoid jail
- he supports ALL my ideas
- he encourages my corkiness 
- he brings me flowers for no reason 
- he loves me just the way I am
- he feeds me (must say it twice)
- he is stubborn AF, I have met my match
- after 20 years he's still on 🔥🔥🔥
He created an environment for me where I feel safe and secure. I know that he'll smash anyone who tries to hurt me or look at me the wrong way.
He always has my back.
Get yourself a person like that in your life and never let them go ❤
P.S. pozole was so good!

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You are NOT broken

You are NOT broken
I came from a broken family and heard over and over again that people like me won't be able to create a life that they want. 
This is a statistic and numbers don't lie. But what numbers don't show is a power to change. A power to make right choices.
I grew up with a pattern of mistrust and started to hide my vulnerability. I became combative to show others that no one can control me. I'd leave others before they had a chance to leave me.
The beauty in all this is that I grew up and I learned to shoulder my own responsibilities. 
🌟If you are a parent who wasn't present for your kids growing up, forgive yourself and do better today. 
🌟If you are a child who came from broken home, go through the process of forgiveness and responsibility. That's were you will find unlimited growth in life ❤.
Things of light - honesty, truth, responsibility, unconditional love, forgiveness, acceptance - are all around us. Our part is to open up and respond to them.
❤ You are NOT broken ❤
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Marriage is complicated.

Marriage is complicated.
Marriage is complicated AF.

I'm looking at old pictures and I'm amazed that we are about to celebrate 20 years.
How are you supposed to know how to love in a love-broken world?
With all the odds against us, we made it work. We went from having a "Let's get it on" song at our wedding 🤣😂🤣 to having a true partner who loves you no matter what.

I got married at 21 to a complete stranger from another country. We hurt each other, but we forgave each other more. All the stupid decisions we have made, ended up being best life lessons.
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