What disrupts our hormones?
If you are a woman or have a daughter, this is a must read for you.

So often we believe that what is on the store shelves is ok for us to use. Someone in the government checked all the ingredients and made sure they are safe for us, right?

Why does it matter to you?
Because many of the ingredients in women's products (such as pads, tampons etc) cause terrible damage. After using such products often/daily young girls and women have side effects...some of the ingredients have been linked from issues like hormone imbalance, allergic rashes, cancer to infertility. But no one wants to really touch this topic, because it's uncomfortable to talk about it.
Let's look into it closer.

Pick up the product that you are using and read the ingredients:
- dioxins and furans (from chlorine bleaching process). Exposure to dioxins and furans has been linked to cancer, reproductive harm, and endocrine disruption. Studies have confirmed that tampons contain low levels of dioxins and furans.
- fragrance/ perfume. This means thousands of unknow toxic chemicals mixed together. Avoid any product that has an F word on the ingredient list. 
- dyes.
- acetone.
- styrene.
- cloroform.
...just a few to mention.

Will one toxic ingredient hurt you? 
Probably not. But as you see above, one product contains many different toxic ingredients. Think what happens when you mix baking soda with vinegar, they react with each other.
What happens when you body is daily filled with toxic chemicals from all the products that you use?
They react with each other as well and you end up having different health issues without understanding why it's happening.

There is a very simple solution, find pads and tampons that have clean ingredients. There are many of them available, you just need to know what you are looking for.

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