Broken Bow, Oklahoma
Have you seen all our pictures from traveling? We are always going places and experiencing new places,  cultures, foods etc. We decided it is time to start documenting all of it, for our own memories and to share it with you

Here goes the very first traveling blog. 
Last week we went to Broken Bow, Oklahoma. It is a three hour drive for us, so it's perfect for a quick getaway.

Mid October was a perfect weather for tubing and other sports. We ended up renting a speed boat at
Marina at Broken Bow Lake for a very reasonable price. Kids had a blast, while I was screaming "Omgomgomgomgomgomg slow down the boat" because kids legs and bodies were flopping in the air and they were barely holding on to the tube.
But they had huge smiles on their faces, so it was all worth it. There were only few other boats on the lake, so we were free to do whatever we please without worrying about getting too close to other boats or shore.

We enjoy going to the DAM. You can watch it from above, or take a road near it to the spill of the dam.
You can park your car there, go fishing or take a hike by the river. Broken Bow is very dog friendly, so Nika often comes with us. There are hiking trails close by as well.

Home for few days. 
We rented a cabin that fits our needs. Few things we look for:
- make sure it's not too close to another cabin. I don't want to hear other peoples conversations or music.
- ask renters about construction near by. There is nothing worse than coming to relax while listening to
banging sounds next door.
If you prefer tents or have an RV, you'll find plenty places for that.

Food & Drinks. 
Our favorite coffee and ice cream place is Okie Girls Coffee & Ice Cream. Everything we tried was amazing!

Mountain Fork Brewery served us delicious burgers and have a fun selection of beers.

Grateful Head Pizza is good as well, but outside seating can get overwhelming with flies. We ended up doing a take out.

Beavers Bend Brewery has an outdoor area. You can get a cold beer, while kids are enjoying outside games or you as a family can play corn hole.

There is a grocery store there that has necessities. I prefer larger selection and don't eat many processed foods.

Therefore, we bring a HUGE cooler to the house with homemade food for us to eat. It does add an extra step to planning, but I won't want to feel like crap because I ate crap :)

Also, we pack foods that can be made in the fire pit:
- already cooked sausages
- potatoes
- hotdogs
- smores etc
- cheese/apple/cracker to make snack plates by the fire

You can buy fire wood on the side of the road, you'll get a better deal than going to the store. You know I like saving money :). Also, Young Living tubes from oils, make great fire starters. You can stuff them with lint or newspaper or use by itself.

We usually end up eating dinner by the fire every night, listening to a music and hanging out. You can see all the stars so brightly at night. "I like the dark. Without the dark we'd never see the stars."

Our mornings are pretty chill. Kids and Bob are usually in the hot tub, I sit near by doing a puzzle or reading a book. It's a perfect place to slow down, enjoy nature, be quiet and reflect on life.

Let me know if you'll go and what places you visited. We will definitely be going back again.

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