Playing life safe is dangerous.
Somedays are for survival.
For keeping my head above the water.

💦This TX winter storm kicked my butt but I learned 10 things:
- how to make candles on the gas stove
- I don't like washing dishes by hand
- icicles on the windows inside my house give me anxiety
- my friends have my back. My friends are my family.
- chickens are courageous birds and can survive freezing cold temps
- it's very smelly when trash trucks can't come by
- I prefer pool vs ice skating ring
- sleeping with skiing clothes are very uncomfortable
- I learned how to use spaghetti noodle to light a fire
- my husband ❤. He is always by my side and being strong for me when I can't.

Everything ends. Including bad things.

Storm is over, we'll deal with damage one thing at a time. Eventually, life will fall back into our normal routine.
Not once, not even for a slightest second did I worry about losing my job or having a smaller paycheck this month.
Honestly, I can't even imagine how much worse other people have, not knowing how they will pay for the damage or upcoming bills 😭.

I have two choices:
1. To feel sorry for myself and wait for things to get better.
2. To feel sorry for myself for a day. Then put on big girl panties and get shit done.
In 40 years of my life, no one has knocked on my door and offered to pay my bills. But opportunities knock on my door, I open the door and follow through.

💫 there is a seat for everyone at Young Livings table.

HOW: join my training group that will show you how to earn money with YL.
WHEN: March. Exact day/time tbd.
COST: this is the last free training. Next one will be $50 for 10 week training*.
WHY: Everyone needs to have a plan B, because you never know when life covers you with a sheet of ice without water and heat.

What have you done lately to improve your life?

*Money will go into our teams budget that will be used towards giveaways, prizes etc.
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