Sleep giving you trouble?
Often the answer to what ever our issue is really simple...

Reduce stress = reduced disease
Better sleep = better mood and cognition

Have you ever heard the saying that you heal while you sleep? Rejuvenation requires a state of sleep for the body to repair. That's why I sleep is so critical to our daily replenishment of energy at the cellular level and to reduce mental stress.

Research has proven that the lack of sleep can lead to serious health problems, decreased productivity, poor memory, weight gain, and critical thought process. Sleep deprivation increases the risk for most serious conditions including depression, substance abuse, diabetes, and autoimmune disease that it also inhibits recovery from any injuries, pain, trauma, and major illness. Without sleep, our resistance to virus, bacteria and even parasites can give them the upper hand 😭😭😭

My evening routine is to take a detox bath, start my diffuser, and take care of my skin-- you know, beauty sleep!

My no no's are watching TV at night,- I tend to stay up too late, having a drink before bed - I end up waking up in the middle of the night, talking to negative people, reading business books keep me up all night because my head is spinning with ideas 😛

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