Why we don't trust ourselves.
Many of us do not start or finish projects, because we don't believe that we'll see it through. We don't trust ourselves.

Does this sound familiar:

💫We decide to do something.
💫We set goals and start working on it.
💫We are 1/3 way into it and realize that we are not having results that we wanted.
💫We stop.
💫Then we feel bad about ourselves, because once again you let yourself down.

Because of this stop-and-go cycle we don't see results. We feel like failures. We stop trusting our abilities 😢.

It's hard to get out of this loop, but definitely possible ❤.
Honor your commitment to yourself.
That's called person integrity, staying true to your word.
Keeping promises that you made to yourself.

Are you ready to hold yourself to the same standard as others?

I train my team to create self-accountability and help them grow. If you curious what I do or want more info, check my IG highlights, I am very active in my stories.
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