Best husband, here is WHY

Here is why Robert is the best husband:
He feeds me. 
The end 😂❤🤣.
Well there is more:
- he makes me laugh until I snort 🤣
- he makes me do taxes to avoid jail
- he supports ALL my ideas
- he encourages my corkiness 
- he brings me flowers for no reason 
- he loves me just the way I am
- he feeds me (must say it twice)
- he is stubborn AF, I have met my match
- after 20 years he's still on 🔥🔥🔥
He created an environment for me where I feel safe and secure. I know that he'll smash anyone who tries to hurt me or look at me the wrong way.
He always has my back.
Get yourself a person like that in your life and never let them go ❤
P.S. pozole was so good!

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