Cleanse Made Easy!
When someone says detox or cleanse I used to shiver. Seriously!

I always thought that doing a cleanse/detox was really invasive and I will not be able to eat for days or even weeks. I know it works for some people, but it just not my thing. I like to eat and truly enjoy all my husband creations in the kitchen. 

Here is a quick video explaining how it works and WHY you want to do it!

We start our cleanse with Trio Cleanse has all three products as a bundle, but you can get them one at a time as well*:
- ComforTone gets everything moving in your colon.
- Essentialzyme - helps to break down the build up in the colon and helps to break down the foods that you are eating (if it's no available you can use Detoxyme ).
- ICP scrubs off all the yuck of the colon.

Once you place and order:
- send me a message and I'll follow up with a great video that explains when to take what, how much and so on.
- we'll set up time to talk in person. 

*If you are already YL member, you can get these products for free using your points. 

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