Let's talk smells.
I am super sensitive to synthetic smells, even sitting near someone who uses dryer sheets can trigger my migraines :(

But I became a master at avoiding what hurts me and making my own perfume is one of my tricks.

It smells better.
It is inexpensive.
It won't mess with my hormones.
I can change it up as I please.
It takes five minutes to make it.

Let's go! You will need:
- perfume bottle, you can reuse old one; or get a cute on etsy or amazon.
- which hazel (optional. It changes the smell)
- vodka

Creates unicorn blend with 10-15 drops of each essential oil:

  • Believe blend - " I believe I can fly...I believe I can touch the sky"
  • Valor  - gives me wings and courage to be me 
  • Orange - my happy oil
  • Lavender- relaxing and helps to focus on one task
  • White Angelica - Think of it as a protective shield from negativity. 
Play around with different oils that I suggested until you find the smells that lifts YOUR mood.

Ahhhhhh smells so good, I am ready for whatever this day is going to bring to me.
Not all oils are created the same! If you are new to Young Living, check this video.

Also, DO NOT buy one oil at a time, unless you have loooots of extra cash laying around. Grab starter kit instead, it's almost 40% off and comes with a beautiful diffuser.

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