Flower do not bloom all year round
We have seasons for a reason and they always come in the same order.
Winter never follows winter.

We also have seasons at work.
There are days that I am going out full force and pursuing my dreams.
And then there are days like today, when I am reflecting on what I have done, where I need to grow and what I need to change.

Today we put hustle on a pedestal and working long hours is a norm. But I have not met one person who is truly happy when s/he is burned out. Instead they just keep on pushing forward until something in life breaks and they are forced to stop.  

Flower do not bloom all year round. Neither can you.
Take a break, nourish your soul and you body.
Then get back out there, be laser focused on your goal and get it done. 

Where are you today?  
How long do you see yourself doing what you do?
Why do you continue living the way that does not serve you?
When you are ready for a change, come chat with me, I'll show you what else is available to you.  
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