Greasy hair...ewwww! This trick is so awesome!
Crazy thing...the  more you wash you hair, the yuckier it gets. Because most shampoo ingredients strip natural oils from your hair. Especially those that say that they condition your hair. Mind blown! 

How do you know if yours is sneaky like that? 

Check the ingredients and search what are the side effects. If shampoo has fragrance or perfume on the ingredient list, that's a big red no-no sign.

My daughter and I have looooooots of hairs on our heads and here is what we I do in between the washes. 
DIY dry shampoo. So darn easy to make!

You will need:
- something to hold it in. I bought powder shaker on amazon (I chose one with the lid, so it travels well). You can use mason jar and make holes in the lid. Bam! Use and reuse.
- 1/4 cup organic, non-gmo corn starch
- 1 T baking soda (preferably the real thing, not synthetic one). You are putting it on top of your brain :) 
- 3 drops Cedarwood
- 3 drops Tea Tree
- 3 drops Lavender
Both of us a brunettes, so we add 1T of Young Livings multitasker (dark brown). But I know that some people use cacao powder as well.

Ready for this? I friend Meagan spoke these magical words.
Use it before bed.
When I wake up in the morning, my hair looks like someone just washed it and blow dried while I was asleep.

Why add oils to it?
Because they rock and make our hair shiny and strong. If you new to this, check my IG about hair care.

PLEASE comment and tell me that you felt like a QUEEN in the morning after using this recipe.

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