What feeling do you have attached to the word "grateful"?

Is it being said because of a habit or does it actually mean something?
I have tried "catching" myself being grateful, instead of letting it to get lost in my daily routine.
This is my 13 year old baby girl ❤ She dressed me in her clothes, did my hair and picked a dance that she wanted me to learn.
I am grateful:
to work from home and have time to do these things with her, whenever she wants me to
to feel good so I can keep up with a teen
to want to dance with her and have energy
to be present in her life ❤

This is a silly video for most, but it fills my heart with so much love. Also, a reminder how fast time goes by.
I want to cherish every moment with her, before she moves on and starts creating her own life.

✨When she asks me to do something with her, I am available for her, I am here for her. Other things in life can wait.
✨I will say NO to things that keep me busy, that don't improve my families life.
✨I will catch myself being grateful and will recognize how impactful these moments are to both of us.

Finding a balance in life, between work and being a good mom, is very important to me. If I go too far one way, I don't feel fulfilled ❤ .

What are you TRULY grateful for?
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