STOP that smell
If you have teenager's in sports you know the lovely smell that lingers in your car after they get out :)
All the gear, shoes, sports bags have that smell that makes you cringe. Fortunately, you can wash the clothing! But what about football helmet or knee guards or car seats.

There are many products out there that cover up the smell, but most of them have fragrance or parfum on their ingredient list. Synthetic fragrance= life long hormonal issues.

My two must-have's are:

- Purification oil.  It is great for "closed in areas" such as shoes or purse. It completely eliminates the smell. I put few drops in each back pack, football gloves and I am done. I walk into kids bedrooms and use purification oil as a holy water in there ... it really helps with teenage smells.

Have you ever left laundry in your washing machine for too  long? Or have animals?
Learn what to do here.

Thieves spay. Because it is a spray, it is easier to use on helmets, soccer guards, laundry basket that holds the smelly clothes etc. So much better than other disinfectant spray from the grocery store.
Check this quick video that shows the product here. 

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