Why are we sabotaging out success?

Does this sound familiar?

I don't believe people to be lazy.
But I do believe that we expect too much of ourselves in ALL aspects of life. Eventually we burn out and stop.

We get into work-dinner-netflix routine 😭.

When we fail and become depressed, fearful, or anxious we start saying.... "I should".

- I should be able to do it
- I should be able to get close to people
- I should be able to accomplish more
- I should be more like so-and-so

🌸What if I told you that the only thing you should be is YOU?
🌸What if I told you that you can have a job that highlights what you are good at vs forcing yourself to do something that you hate?

💢You make choices or choices are made for you. Those who say that you should stop dreaming are the same people that were too scared to follow their dreams.

Listen to your heart, not other people's opinions. ❤

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