You are NOT broken
I came from a broken family and heard over and over again that people like me won't be able to create a life that they want. 
This is a statistic and numbers don't lie. But what numbers don't show is a power to change. A power to make right choices.
I grew up with a pattern of mistrust and started to hide my vulnerability. I became combative to show others that no one can control me. I'd leave others before they had a chance to leave me.
The beauty in all this is that I grew up and I learned to shoulder my own responsibilities. 
🌟If you are a parent who wasn't present for your kids growing up, forgive yourself and do better today. 
🌟If you are a child who came from broken home, go through the process of forgiveness and responsibility. That's were you will find unlimited growth in life ❤.
Things of light - honesty, truth, responsibility, unconditional love, forgiveness, acceptance - are all around us. Our part is to open up and respond to them.
❤ You are NOT broken ❤
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