Why some people can't succeed while others thrive in any environment?
Take two people and put them in the same environment, equip them with the same tools/knowledge and see what happens.
You will receive two completely different outcomes. 

A very simple question should be asked?
WHY do you do what you do? For your relationships, marriage, parenting, business etc.
That WHY question might be posed differently, but the answer will end up being the same.

Your WHY should make you cry, if it doesn't you haven't dug in deep enough. 

I have failed so many times and I have quit even more things. Because anytime something went sideways, I would give up. I realized that I worked harder to run away from good things, than fight for what's best for me.
It is easier to give up and think that that "next thing" will be better.

All of my "next things" turned out to be just as bad as the ones before. The only way to change the outcome was to change my mindset. By changing my mindset, I allowed myself to really look within and find my real WHY.

This is a life long journey, but today I find myself influencing others to make better choices for themselves. A student became a teacher.
But this teacher will continue being a student, because emotional and spiritual growth does not have an end.

It does not matter how much life throws at me, I will never give up, because I know WHY I am doing what am doing.
It doesn't mean that I won't get hurt or disappointed. It means that I will know how to deal with it,  learn from it vs allowing anger to control my life.

I used to think that self growth is bunch of mumbo jumbo for sissies. I was wrong.

Today, I am working on putting together a second part of training for my Young Living team. But training is really not about YL, if you look real close, you'll see that it's self growth.
Not being afraid to look within.
Not being afraid of what you'll find there.
Dealing with your past and your fears.

Then, and only then, you can be successful in all areas of your life. 

What have you done today to ensure that your next five years won't be the same as your last five years?

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