What position do you play in life?
What position do you play in life?
Goalie, midfield or striker?

There is no shame to be in either position, because YOU are in control and can change it.
I was a goalie, today I am a striker.

If you live life in defense mode, you are a goalie.
You feel that life does things to you and tripping you to fail?
You are living in survival mode and you are exhausted.
Goalie is a last line of defense. 
If you constantly live your life "Things are being done to me" you burn out really quickly.
Look back at the last five years, how much has your life improved?
Your past and childhood controls your future. Your that will look very similar to your past.

Are you ready to switch to a midfield?
It's a hard role, because you have to overcome your fears, you have to be on the defense and offence.
This is a place in life when opportunities knock on your door.
In this role, you decide that you had enough of being a goalie.
You have chosen to take one small step, probably with shaky legs.
I believe this to be the most terrifying role, because you just stepped out of your comfort zone.
You still worry what people will say or think.
You secretly think "I'll do this safely, I'll play small so if I fail no one will notice."
You are still unsure about yourself. 

Congratulations to becoming a striker! This is were successful peeps hang.
You are constantly moving forward and becoming stronger everyday.
You NEVER think about becoming a goalie again, instead you help goalies to switch to midfield.
You might have not achieved your dreams yet, but you KNOW you will.
Nothing can shake you.
You know that if you fail fast, you will succeed faster.

Most people are only lacking a handful of good habits that would drastically change their lives.
Abundance is available to everyone.
Abundance of:
- time
- love
- money
- hugs
- relationships
- freedom
- travel
- whatever your heart desires.

Having abundance doesn't necessarily mean that you have the most money.
It means that you live your life the way you design it.

So I ask you again. What role do you play in life? 
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