Weight Gain - WHY?
We hear this all the time - eat less, move more. Great advice, but doesn't work for most.  

Diet and exercise are important. We all know that, so I'll leave this topic alone.

Do you know that people gain (or can't lose) weight because of hormonal disbalance, stress, lack of sleep, low immune system etc. So if we only concentrate on food and exercise (which are very important!) we still might not get results that we desire.

~ Many want to lose weight and like the idea of being active, but they are so tired by the end of the day, word "gym" sounds like torture room. That's why energy protocol needs to be used along side with weight loss.

~ A woman going thought the hormonal changes might be gaining weight, therefore hormonal support might be needed along side of weight loss protocol.

~ Someone who is constantly stressed is releasing too many stress hormones, will gain weight especially in the waist.
Taking supplements to support cortisol might be a good idea along side the weight loss protocol.

You can't take care of one part of the body, while another part is failing. It's all ONE body!

So what's next?

I look at the whole body and overall wellness when it comes to weight loss and weight maintenance. I do use some shakes and few products to curb my appetite. But for the most part I concentrate on what my whole body needs during the different seasons of life.

I used to have cravings once per month and would want something sweet and lots of it. Obviously, it will end up in weight gain. Ever since I took a different approach, this is not an issue for me anymore.

Take a look at this study and results that people had from using Slique products.

The process of staying healthy and having my weight were I want it to be, MUST be easy and sustainable. Otherwise, I'd give up and start hating what I am doing. Just being honest here...

Few of my friends and I are going to keep each other accountable and we are starting a small group together. All of us are going to use a little bit different products (because all of us have different bodies, emotions, health etc), but process will be similar:

- figure out why weight gain is happening. I use Zyto Insights scan for that. It does not diagnose nor treat, but it gives you a sneak peek.
- we will have an FB group for those that like to share recipe, wins, fasting and ideas. My friend is training to be a zumba instructor and she'll be doing some LIVE videos as well .... how cool is that!?

Weight loss shoud feel like a party and fun. Not dreading and hating it. Yup, I said what I said.

If you are intrigued and want to participate, connect with me and I'll get you started.  We will be using all Young Living products.

I am not a doctor, nor do I treat or diagnose. This is a very easy to understand and follow lifestyle change. One step at a time. Start where you are and do it your way, without being rushed. 
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