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We all know that sugar is evil, so I won't even get into that. This image does all the talking for me.

Both of my kids are athletes and they are often encouraged to drink G drink, many believe it to be healthy. But it's just another sugary drink....boooo.

I was looking for a solution that would work for us... it had to be simple to make, cost affective, taste good (kids won't want it otherwise) and be healthy.

Here is what we do:

I have a huge mason jar (8 cups/ 64 oz).
I fill it with filtered water
Add 1-2 scups of Aminowise  and one squirt of Vitality Drops.
Add ice if needed.

Sometimes I drink it right out of the jar. Other times I pre- make it and keep it in the fridge. When kids want a drink, they shake it and pour it over the ice.

These two products are on my monthly subscription order to make sure that I never run our and always have a secret stash :) just in case it goes out of stock for a bit.

Do you know why amino acids are so important?

Amino acids are classified as non-essential amino acids (you produce them on your own), conditionally essential amino acids (can usually be produced by your body), and essential amino acids (EAAs, cannot be made by the body so you must get them through diet or supplementation) Of the EAAs, three are superstars -- the branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs): leucine, isoleucine, and valine. BCAAs make up about 35% of your muscle tissue.

Your ability to maintain, or build lean body mass, or muscle, is based on the levels of protein synthesis and protein breakdown throughout the day. As you age, protein breakdown tends to accelerate. To slow the protein breakdown you can eat more high quality protein and supplement with EAAs.

Because your level of muscle mass plays a significant role in longevity, anything that increases protein synthesis or decreases protein breakdown can support your quality of life throughout your lifespan. Since amino acids play such an essential role in building and maintaining lean body mass, they must be a consistent part of a healthy diet!

Click here to read more about Aminowise. If you are using a product to help you feel better, you should know what's in it and why.

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