Is money the root of all evil?

I didn't know who I wanted to be when I grew up and definitely didn't know what I wanted to do for work.  I was bouncing around from one job to another, but none of them filled me with purpose.  Instead I felt useless, tired and stupid. 

Yes stupid. 

I though everyone else had it all figured out and I was the only one who was lost. Today I know that most people hate their jobs. Or love what they do but have no time freedom.  

There is another way! 

💦 You can: 
- make money 
- feel good 
- enjoy what you have created 

Your job should serve you, not other way around. 

💦 Money is good people's hands are a good thing. The LOVE for money is a root of all evil.
How do you put money to work and do a good deed? 

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